Welcome to the March 2017 issue of Shine on Hollywood Magazine! As we say goodbye to the frosty winter season and welcome the boundless beauty of spring, we bring to you with great satisfaction our special edition of Top Asian Industry Professionals issue! There’s never shortage of talent in this town as we immerse you in the world of celebrity fashion design, and bring you up close to some of the hardest working designers in the industry, whose allure go beyond the camera flashes. 

At the age of six, Kiki Wang took the first steps in her career as a fashion designer by sewing together outfits for her baby dolls. Even at that fledgling age, her illustrations were also admired and collected by her young peers, and the impression awoke a passion for design in the young girl. Kiki immersed herself in school and strove in her studies. But she never lost sight of her dream, and after finishing her formal education in finance, she continued to pursue a career in fashion design by taking more classes at a local school. After finding success as an entrepreneur, she took the next bold step and moved to the US to continue her studies in design. She went on to found the fashion label CSP. Since then, her designs have gleamed through red carpets here and abroad.                       

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