FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Hollywood, CA. 8/25/13

Shine On Hollywood Magazine (SOHM) is proud to have world renown artist CAO YONG displayed on the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square, Manhattan.

Cao Yong was the main feature on our SOHM in May 2013. That issue, by far, was one of the most inspirational and enlightening presentations our magazine and readers have enjoyed, in its 1st year of publication that began in July 2012.

Founder, CEO of A&G Entertainment Productions {AGEP) Arnold Garcia, is truly excited to have CAO YONG be recognized for his achievements on such a grand scale. 

Cao Yong is being celebrated for his works. "Freedom," 'Voice of the East" and "Catalina, My Love" are just several of his works showcased in the NASDAQ building.

For additional information, please contact AGEP/SOH Group at info@shineonhollywoodmagazine.com.



Christine Garcia
08/25/2013 3:24am

This is so well deserved, Arnold Garcia and he rest of the Shine On Hollywood Staff puts out an amazing publication with inspirational stories and the best part is the publication is Free just for liking. So nice to have a publication that is so upbeat! Congratulations on a job well done.

08/19/2016 6:23pm

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Brenda DeMarco
08/25/2013 9:58am

That is a fabulous cover, I am so in love with the beautiful photography in SOHM. Congratulations on the coveted spot.

12/18/2014 5:21am

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05/09/2015 9:38am

NASDAQ billboard in Manhattan is one of the most popular places in the WORLD! I can only dream that one day my company will shine at this billboard. Good luck with your magazine!

11/17/2015 1:46am

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07/08/2016 12:58am

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