I'm saddened at the passing of a wonderful beautiful friend legendary actress Arlene Martel

Undoubtedly had a profound impact on Hollywood for many years. Arlene Martel, who Star Trek T’Pring was married to Spock’s Vulcan, died on Tuesday, August 12, 2014. She was 78. She suffered a heart attack.

In addition to Star Trek, Martel is also known for appearances on Twilight Zones, Hogan’s Heroes, Bewitched, The Wild, Wild West, Battlestar Galactica (1978) and Gunsmoke, to name a few.

She was featured on Shine On Hollywood Magazine, last year on June 2013 "Top Entertainment Industry Professionals"

She inspired us all with her spirit and great movies that will live forever. You will be missed my love. R.I.P.

~Arnold Garcia, Fonder and Publisher of Shine On Hollywood Magazine



10/24/2014 3:35am

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02/12/2016 12:35am

Her movies are amazing!!

03/04/2016 11:24pm

If we talk about performance then we can say everybody work flawlessly and the performance was awesome and admirable. Especially I would like to talk about Lex who performed his negative role so beautifully and keeps us attentive towards his character.

04/13/2016 1:38am

She was very talented. So sad she's gone.


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01/09/2017 10:51pm

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03/06/2017 5:06am

Great cover!


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