This month we bring you Amber Patiño and her family. We first introduced Amber back in November of 2015, when she was barely starting out in the industry, with the support of her parents and her special needs sister, Nicole. Since then, Amber hasn’t wavered from pursuing her dreams and continues to strive, bringing back hard-earned advice and tips for young actors that want to take a shot at the entertainment industry. Don’t miss her advice. 

In that November 2015 issue, SOHM also focused on Amber’s family, who plays a very important supporting role in her nascent talents, and has formed a circle around her called, Team Amber, to guide and motivate the young artist to her full potential. Experienced and aware beyond her years, Amber acknowledges the time and effort given by her friends and family. Now, Amber shares her achievement to date: landing a leading role in the family film titled, Jurassic School

It hasn’t been easy for the Patiño family. The four members left the south and headed west to give Amber’s talents a chance, after winning a prominent talent contest. Amber’s skills shined through and the family made the journey across, to find out if dreams do come true. This is where we catch up with the Patiños, and bring to you, our loyal readers, a rare behind-the-scene look at Hollywood, and the business of child stars—and its effect on the family as a unit.

Amber’s mother, Lindsay Patiño, supports Amber 100% on artistic talents. While her father, William "Bill" Patiño, knows first hand the sacrifices parents make for their children in support of their dreams and aspirations. William left a comfortable life, with a lower cost of living, to help his daughter as best as he can. Yet, reality reminds them that following dreams takes time, money and effort. We interview Bill and get his take on how the move to Hollywood has affected his family because SOHM is committed to bringing you real stories from real people—in this case, the role of parents and their children. 



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nice post

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Good to read the article. The introduction is brief but still very interesting. Hope she would achieve her goal, and success in the future. Thanks for sharing such a nice reading material.

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Awesome :)

03/16/2017 2:26am

This magazine is for all aspiring talents who want to enter the entertainment industry. This would inspire you and motivate you to continue your passion and dreams to showcase your talent to the world. An Amber's experience to be known is not as easy as you all can think, everyday is a struggle for her I think, but look where she is right now. All you have to do is be patient and never waver when problems come along. It's a test that you must overcome.

03/22/2017 2:01pm

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